2030 Highway 6 South, Houston, TX 77077

Unlimited Wash


Express Wash



Family Plan:$14.99
For each additional vehicle on the same account

Soft Cloth Tunnel Wash
Spot Free Rinse
Turbo Air Dry

Super Wash



Family Plan:$22.99
For each additional vehicle on the same account

Express Wash plus…
In-Tunnel Wheel Cleaner
Triple Foam Wax
Clear Coat Conditioner

Ultimate Wash



Family Plan:$27.99
For each additional vehicle on the same account

The Super Wash plus…
In-Tunnel Tire Shine
Underbody Wash

Free Unlimited Vacuums with purchase of any wash.





Family Plan:$34.99
For each additional vehicle on the same account

Soft Touch Tunnel Wash
Interior vacuum
Dust Console, Dash & Cup Holders
Hand Towel Dry

Wheels & Hot Wax



Family Plan:$54.99
For each additional vehicle on the same account

The Wheel Deal plus…
Hot Wax & Shine
Underbody Rust Shield
All Surface

Plans are per vehicle • Limit 3 per account • No commercial vehicles • Must be current to receive 15% discount


If you take pride in keeping your car clean in Houston or Spring, you’ve probably encountered a common issue at some point. That issue is finding time to clean your vehicle as often as you’d like. Given all the elements of Texas weather throughout the year that can work against keeping your car clean, it can be a challenge to squeeze in enough cleaning sessions between all of your professional and personal responsibilities.

Even though washing your own car can be quite fulfilling, many people give up on trying to do everything themselves and turn to other options for help. However, that decision often comes with its own set of problems. Since you want to get your car washed on a regular basis, the cost of this activity can quickly add up. This often leads to individuals looking for more affordable solutions. Unfortunately, it often seems like the only thing that’s available are outdated automatic car washes that do a very poor job of cleaning and can even end up causing damage to a vehicle’s clear coat.

How a Car Wash Club Can Solve This Problem

It’s no secret that the Incredible Car Wash team is made up of car lovers. Because we always want our cars to be clean, we knew all about the problematic scenario described above. That’s why we decided to do something about it. Our solution for anyone who wants to keep their car clean without spending all their free time, money or sacrificing quality is our car wash club.

By creating a car wash club that offers a variety of plans, we’ve made it easy to get the exact type of cleaning you want done as often as you’d like. Best of all, the car wash club we’ve created means you can get that ideal cleaning for a far better monthly rate than you would think possible.

Incredible Car Wash’s Unlimited Car Wash Club

With our monthly club car wash plans, you can enjoy getting your car cleaned whenever you want. We offer three different express exterior wash plans – our Express Wash, Super Wash and Ultimate Wash. With any of these three plans, stop by whenever you want and leave with an impressively clean car. And if you’re interested in a full service wash plan, the car wash club we provide has two of those plans. Our monthly Deluxe plan includes a hand towel dry after every wash, while the Wheels & Hot Wax plan will keep your car shining all month long.

What’s the Best Car Wash Club Near Me?

If you’ve been asking yourself that question, the answer is Incredible Car Wash’s unlimited car wash club. We make it easy to not only keep your vehicle clean for a great monthly rate, but to do the same for every member of your family. And once you’re a member of the car wash club, if you ever need any oil & lube services, simply stop by our Houston location at 2030 Highway 6 South to save fifteen percent on those services.

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